Frequently Asked Question

1. What Activities are included?


A plethora of activities including reading, working with manipulatives, identifying, sorting, arranging and sequencing are a few among others that are part of the kit. 


2. For what ages is this suitable?


Presently we have boxes catering to 2-6 years categorized as IK1, IK2 and IK3. We are in the process of creating similar boxes for kids of 6-10 years in the near future.


3. Is this reusable?


Yes. The activities of the box can be redone as many times as will satisfy your young one. We have a specially designed erasable board for the same and card based games that can be re-played.


4. Are all materials shown in the video included in your box?




5. Is there any holder for worksheets?


Yes there is.


6. What is the total weight of the entire box?


Total Weight of entire box with folder pouch and packing is around 1.2 KG.


7. Do you have a return policy?


We will provide replacement if there are any issues. But we do not have return or refund policy. Please get in touch with the sales team if you have any queries.


8. How can I purchase the activity box?


You can make the online payment. We also accept Paytm and bank transfer. Get in touch with our sales team to know more.


9. What is the delivery time?


Generally we deliver your box within 5 to 10 working days. But, due to Covid-19 pandemic, there are multiple checkpoints, documentation, and operations with limited staff. Owing to this, delivery may take around 7 to 15 working days.


10. Are you delivering in Red Zones and during lockdown?

Yes. We are delivering all over India including lockdown areas.