IK3 Box



  • A combination of learning materials that will ensure that the child is well-equipped with all the basic tools of language, before they enter Primary classes.
  • Books: Fun with words, My Language Basics, My Phonic World, My Sentence Split Book, My Story Treasure - Activity based fun learning with more complex concepts of language skills set like sentence formation and story narration
  • Set of 3 Comic Books: Improve not just language but also the ability to comprehend narratives with this set of 3 comic story books.
  • English Activity Sheets: To practically work out and revise concepts.


  • Not just numbers, but their real life application too finds its way into this kit.
  • Math in Real Life, Fun with Math, Today and Tomorrow- Set of 3 books to incorporate Mathematical and logical ideas into a child’s lived reality.
  • Smiley Cards – Logical exercises in basic maths.
  • My Number Stories – Maths taught via interesting stories.
  • My Alligator Kit – Introduction to the important mathematical concept of Greater than (>), Lesser than (<) and Equal to (=) via this fun kit within a kit.
  • Let Me Think – Logic enhancing activities to aid cognition and creativity.

General Awareness:

  • Six modules including activities that further the child’s interest in the world around him – A Ride Around my Neighbourhood, Fun with Family, Healthy Me, India my Pride, My Animal Friends, My Environment.
  • Parent Manual: Instructions for parents to guide their kids in using the kit.
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