IK2 Box



    • Developing on the concepts taught in IK1, the following set of books, games and puzzles will ensure that the child builds on what they have learnt without losing continuity.
    • Mama and Baby Letters – 26 Books to reinforce the 26 alphabets of English in capital and small letters.
    • My CVC Game- Inclusive of a game board and letter cards, wherein students can have real life practice in word formation.
    • I know My Letters- Revision exercise for letters.
    • Opposites and Action Words Books- Flip books that lay foundation for concepts like opposites and action words.
    • Aero Trace Book Marks: Fun with tracing to build on pre-writing skills.


    • With increase in gradation of concepts and the complexity of activities, students can quench their thirst for numerical and logical enigmas.
    • Number Writing Book- Students can practice writing the numbers learnt.
    • Logic Activity Book – Puzzles to tease a child’s imagination and inquisitiveness.
    • Number Name Frame – To strengthen familiarity with names of each numeral.
    • Number Board – A board with numbers from 1-100, which can be used for learning as well as host of number games.
    • Interactive Number Chart – A chart with which the child can play and learn numerical concepts faster.

General Awareness:

  • Five modules with activities focusing on a child’s growing sense of identity: Amazing Me, Healthy Treats, My Animal Friends, My Lovely Home, World Around Me.
  • Parent Manual-
  • Instructions for parents to guide their kids in using the kit.
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