Canvas Colouring

Canvas Colouring tiger

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Canvas Colouring

Let your child dream king-sized! Here is a canvas large enough for young imagination to run a riot of colours. These 5 theme-based canvases come equipped with a pack of sketch pens as well. Suited for kids over the age of seven years, this activity will ensure your child

  • Is productively engaged: Painting is proven to exercise the creative parts of our brains.
  • Learns to express themselves: While colouring, the child makes choices, hence promoting self- expression and problem solving skills.
  • Acquires firm hand-eye coordination: Holding the sketch-pen correctly supports fine motor skills, while painting on a large sheet is held to improve gross motor skills.
  • Builds an eye for detail: Freedom to choose how their artwork must ultimately appear, makes children enterprising and the task all the more alluring.

Gains self-confidence: Who does not want to display their own creation and take some credit for it?

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