About Us

About Prokid


‘PROKID’ is a renowned organization with branches all over the country providing home learning essentials to the leading educational institutes for over seven decades now. We also design educational content and school magazines. Today we stand tall and proud to have reached millions of happy parents and students by spreading happy smiles resulting from the learning and achievements along the way.

After knowing us, we are sure that now you are more confident of your choice. Should we then take a quick look into the program?


A peek into the PROKID Box


PROKID is born out of a need to revolutionize the kindergarten arena. It is based on extensive research on early childhood education and is carefully aligned with the National Education Policy. The crux of the project is subject, curriculum, theme and festivity based activity boxes that engage and add to hands-on learning for children between the ages of 2 - 6 years.

PROKID guarantees that every child will find knowledge acquisition in any environment to be exciting. 


Key Features


  1. Curriculum and subject based learning box delivered right at your doorstep.
  2. Play way method of learning and age appropriate activities for kids.
  3. Design Thinking integrated Learning that Sustains Productive Engagement
  4. Hands-on & Activity based Learning with a combination of worksheets and manipulatives.
  5. Aligned with 21st century Child-Centric Curriculum & NEP 2020
  6. Neuro-scientific Methodology inclusive Education
  7. Individual and age- appropriate Milestones Acquisition
  8. All round development through theme based approach
  9. Implementation of cross curricular learning
  10. Integration of art across different subjects


PROKID equips Tots with...


Skill Sets Acquired

How PROKID bridges the gap

Physical and Motor Development 

Flexible, multi-level, play and activity based, 

inclusive learning 

Cognitive Development 

Inquiry based puzzles and games promoting 

logical thinking and problem solving; involving 

identifying, matching, sorting, arranging, pattern 

formation etc. 

Socio Emotional-Ethical Development 

Lessons on social capabilitiy- sensitivity, good 

behaviour, courtesy, ethics, personal and public 

cleanliness, teamwork, and cooperation 

Cultural/Artistic Development 

Drawing, painting and other visual art and craft 

Development of Communication and Early 

Language, Literacy, and Numeracy 

Numbers, alphabets, reading, colours, shapes