About Prokid

‘PROKID’ is a renowned organization with branches all over the country providing home learning essentials to the leading educational institutes for over seven decades now. We also design educational content and school magazines. Today we stand tall and proud to have reached millions of happy parents and students by spreading happy smiles resulting from the learning and achievements along the way.

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why Prokid?

Engage, Entertain, Educate

Hands-on, activity-based learning for the most

distracted of tots to remain occupied and learn

at the same time

Intensify Interaction

Increase interaction between teacher- learner,

i.e., you and the child

A Friend Indeed

Become your child’s best friend as you channel

their energy in the right path

Screen Screen-Time

No more unhealthy screen time to keep your

child engrossed

Adopt and Adapt

Flexible learning strategies, free of schedules

bound by time & space

Ready, Steady, Go!

Let the child learn age- appropriate

skills to become School-Ready

Proctored Progress

You and the mentor can monitor

your child’s progress so they stay on track

Credible Credential

Guaranteed certification of milestones

achieved on completion of the programme.



How do I get the Pro Kid Box?

Register your kid with necessary information on our website.

Unbox session wise pack of manipulatives.

Once on-boarded to our programme, you will receive the Pro Kid box at your doorstep.

Discover, Explore & Learn.

Track your child’s Learning Curve.

Chat with us for further inputs.